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Update: reBrawl for Brawl Maker v2

edited August 2020 in 📢 Announcements

Hello everyone,
We are proud to announce a Brawl Maker v2, featuring map testing!

The next Brawl Maker update allows you to use a dedicated reBrawl server to play your custom maps against bots. Doing so is really easy:

1. Make sure to update your Brawl Maker to the latest version. It should look like this:

Design your map. When you are ready to test it click the Play button.

2. Follow the instructions. First step is to download reBrawl for Brawl Maker:

Click the Visit button.

3. Follow the instructions on the download page. If you already played reBrawl, you know what to do!

4. Back to Brawl Maker, you now need to allow the app to transfer your maps to reBrawl.

Click the Grant permission button to do so.

5. That's it! You should now be able to play your maps:

Click the Play button.

6. reBrawl for Brawl Maker is starting:

7. You are automatically placed in a private game lobby, on your map. Choose your brawler and hit PLAY.

8. When you are done testing, just quit reBrawl. Back to Brawl Maker, you can make adjustments to your map if needed.

Please note that in order to use this feature, your device must be compatible with reBrawl for Brawl Maker. The compatibility rules are the same as reBrawl Mods and reBrawl Classic.

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