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Content update #66: Update IOS now!

Hello dear reBrawl members,

Our sixty-sixth content update is about to be released:

Starting 29/05/2020, every item which was Coming Soon in the Roadmap will be deployed on reBrawl.

v27 reBrawl Classic IOS

reBrawl Classic is now upgraded to version 27.270 of the game for IOS devices
This update includes every content from v26 and v27 like Jacky, Sprout, Gale and Nani, and of course every custom content already existing on reBrawl Classic!

v27 reBrawl Mods

reBrawl Mods is now upgraded to version 27.269 of the game.
This update includes a new map environment, new maps, new skins, two new brawlers and many more things for you to enjoy!

Because of technical limitations, several community brawlers were modified, their attack projectiles being altered. This is temporary, we plan to fix this in a later update if we manage to overcome these limitations.
Please do not report these modifications on the discord server.

Super Saiyan Gale

Super Saiyan Gale is now available on reBrawl Mods.

Super Saiyan Nani

Super Saiyan Nani is now available on reBrawl Mods.

Remodeled Pam skins

Remodeled skins are added to reBrawl, available for Pam and Super Saiyan Pam:

  • UPDATE: Ghostbuster Pam (thanks to Andrew)
  • UPDATE: Hazard Pam (thanks to Andrew)

Here is a preview of all these skins:


  • Game no longer crashes when using brawlers with a third star power

Go To Download Site

In order to play on any reBrawl server, you must download the new client apps. You can find all the information in this topic.
As this release is about to go live, we updated our roadmap. You can see it all here : reBrawl development Roadmap.

Have Fun!

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