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Can you guys please update rebrawl legacy

Hi, I am a fan of your server and I love everything about them but can you please update rebrawl legacy and make it like rebrawl mods but you face normal bots instead? It's really fun to be op like imagine destroying some 5040k hp bo when u have 18k hp as the pekka or something, idk I would love the idea. Side notes, can you guys include the balance changes with the weekly updates for classic? Plus for some reason the only special event game mode playable is big, idk if it is just me


  • edited September 2020

    reBrawl Legacy is intended for people that can't run Classic / Mods.
    It comes with an older version of the game that can run on older phones, so we can't update it sadly.
    As for the playable events, please try this:

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