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Content update #87: lost in time

Hello dear reBrawl members,

Our eighty-seventh content update is about to be released:

Starting 30/10/2020, every item which was Coming Soon in the Roadmap will be deployed on reBrawl:

v30 reBrawl Classic

reBrawl Classic is now upgraded to version 30.231 of the game.
This update features a new map theme, new maps, new skins, a new brawler and many more things for you to enjoy!

Please be aware that this version is experimental and many game modes are not working properly. We are currently working on a future update containing fixes alongside the update of reBrawl Mods.

All accounts will be wiped out with this update. Don't forget you can max out your account by simply buying the tocken doubler in the shop and restarting the game.

If you want to test the new features from v30, these game modes are working properly:

  • Gem Grab
  • Bounty
  • Lonestar
  • Showdown (game won't finish if you are the last survivor, you must manually quit the game)

New Brawler - Amber

Amber has always been a firebug. She loves to light up the world and any opponents that come at her!

  • Main Attack – Amber fires a continuous stream of fire that can lit up any fire fluid on the ground
  • Super – Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid which leaks while flying and generates a big pool of fluid at the landing location
  • Gadget – Amber gains increased movement speed and starts leaking fire fluid underneath her
  • Star Power – Allows having two fire fluid pools on the ground simultaneously and recharges Super while standing in fire fluid

Amber is available on reBrawl Classic.

New skins

  • Underworld Bo (Custom VFX, Custom Animations)
  • Zombibi (Custom VFX, Custom Face)
  • Brawl-O-Ween Rosa (Custom VFX for Main Attack, Rosa animation update)
  • True Silver/Gold Bull
  • True Silver/Gold Barley
  • True Silver/Gold Rico
  • True Silver/Gold Frank
  • True Silver/Gold Mortis
  • Challenger Colt (Custom VFX, Custom Animations)

New map environment: Poco's Bandstand

A new map environment is available, and will be replacing old map environments on several maps.

New menu theme

World finals theme is now activated for reBrawl Classic.

Hidden community maps

Two new custom community maps are now available on reBrawl. reBrawl community maps are exclusive, you won't find them on the regular Brawl Stars game. Congratulations to pehuen_valencia and dedovisk!

  • Now or nothing

  • Sticky Danger

Secret skins

New skins are added to reBrawl, available for original brawlers, super saiyan brawlers and community brawlers:

  • NEW: Crewmate P (thanks to Andrew)
  • NEW: Ice Moon Sprout (thanks to ICE HYPER)

Here is a preview of all these skins:

Second gadgets for brawlers

These gadgets are added to reBrawl Classic and Mods:

  • Crow: All currently poisoned enemies are slowed
  • Penny: Fire a barrage of shots at Penny's location
  • Bo: Instantly explode mines
  • Mortis: Faster reload speed for a while
  • El Primo: Summon a small meteor at closest enemy
  • Jessie: Supercharge turret to shoot twice as fast
  • Barley: Throw healing potion to every friendly player in range that leaves a healing puddle on the ground (Healing over time, doesn't stack)
  • Shelly: Next basic attack has a narrower cone and longer range
  • Piper: Next basic attack is a seeking bullet
  • Dynamike: Next basic attack stuns

Second star powers brawlers

These star powers are added to reBrawl Classic and Mods:

  • Surge: After using one Super and then being defeated, Surge respawns with his stage 1 upgrade instead of reverting back to his initial state.
  • Colette: gives you a 10% shield bonus for every enemy Brawler you hit with your Super

Go To Download Site

In order to play on any reBrawl server, you must download the new client apps. You can find all the information in this topic.
As this release is about to go live, we updated our roadmap. You can see it all here : reBrawl development Roadmap.

Have Fun!

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