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Custom Map Tiles for the Rebrawl Map Editor - Brawl Maker!

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I'm a regular user in the mapmaking community and I've been creating some experimental custom map themes! With these tiles, I'm offering the Rebrawl Team my custom-designed map themes (including a zip file with all the individual tile sets) to see if they can possibly be well-integrated into Rebrawl as a specific mod for the Brawl Maker app for users to design & create maps. This could also possibly be an addition to the existing Brawl Maker app. These custom tiles will be available specifically for designing maps only and will not be correlated with the in-game aspect of Rebrawl. Maps with custom tiles are downloadable, but cannot be playtested (The PLAY button will be disabled).

Just looking for a team that can implement my tiles into a mapmaking platform for public use, allowing mapmakers to use different themes asides from the official ones. Here are a few custom map themes I have designed until now:

I have a zip folder containing all the individual tiles for each custom map environment. Information regarding missing tiles will be listed in a notepad file for each theme. Note: Bushes and most water tile variations are missing, but each has their own specific colour. If there's any specific tile you're looking for (water, destructables, crates, etc), please let me know and I'll spend some time to design it.

These tiles are open source, meaning credits aren't required when using these tiles. If the Rebrawl Development Team or anyone else is interested in having a look at the zip folder, you can contact me via Discord or Twitter for my email. Thanks!
Discord - C.Pekka#7495
Twitter - @PekkaChief


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