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Content update #100: A hundred done and many more to come!

Hello dear reBrawl members,

Our hundredth content update is about to be released:

First of all we want to say thank you to all the reBrawlers, past and present. When we started the reBrawl adventure we never dreamed for it to last that long, but week after week you guys still play and enjoy the content we add to our apps.
Thanks also to all the creative people that provided us with custom maps, skins, brawlers... without you guys we wouldn't have lasted that long :)

In order to celebrate content update 100 on 29/01/2021, every item which was Coming Soon in the Roadmap will be deployed on reBrawl:

Special menu theme and music

A new menu theme with music is now available on reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods. Thanks to Andrew for this special update 100 theme!

Hidden community maps

Two new custom community maps are now available on reBrawl. reBrawl community maps are exclusive, you won't find them on the regular Brawl Stars game. Congratulations to OzzyTheOtzel and Russian!

  • Naughty Elves

  • Underground Temple

Hidden community brawlers

The twenty-second and twenty-third community brawlers are entering the battlefield on reBrawl Mods.


This brawler was made by Andrew.

Here is a short description

  • Name: Spiky
  • Model: sprout model with custom skin
  • Description: Spiky is a cactus robot who has gone out of control and is ready to 'spike' things up! With a minigun-like spike attack and with a bouncy super, he is quite the challenger!


This brawler was made by Dark_King_4888.

Here is a short description

  • Name: Bonethrower
  • Model: custom robot model
  • Description: Bonethrower is the boss of the Robots of the Apocalypse. He rules them as a tyrant and uses his personal botguards to fight for him.

Secret skins

This week two new skins and one skin update are added to reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods:

  • Hawaii Spiky (Thanks to Andrew)
  • Vulcano Girl Max - update (Thanks to Dark_King_4888)
  • Space Plane - custom model (Thanks to Sceptile380)

Here is a preview of all these skins:

Custom projectiles

Thanks to Sceptile380, these brawlers now have custom projectiles on reBrawl Mods:

  • Arcade Shelly
  • Mario Jessie
  • Toxic Raven
  • Togekiss Plane

Go To Download Site

In order to play on any reBrawl server, you must download the new client apps. You can find all the information in this topic.
As this release is about to go live, we updated our roadmap. You can see it all here : reBrawl development Roadmap.

Have Fun!

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