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Content update #101: let's review the basics

Hello dear reBrawl members,

Our hundred and first content update is about to be released:

Starting 05/02/2021, every item which was Coming Soon in the Roadmap will be deployed on reBrawl:

Sparky Rework

Sparky made a pit stop to Ealanedem's workshop and has been reworked:

  • Brand new custom model (thanks to Sceptile380)
  • New portrait
  • New abilities
  • New star powers
  • New gadget

Be sure to download reBrawl Mods and check out these changes!

Spiky second star power update

We found a critical bug with Spiky's second starpower that caused his super to be frozen in place, so we decided to replace it with a new one. Thanks to Andrew for this rework!

Bonethrower portrait update

Bonethrower portrait has been updated to a more fitting one:

Secret skins

This week two new skins aare added to reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods:

  • Rockstar Poco - custom model (Thanks to Tiger)
  • Beak doctor Crow - custom model (Thanks to Daniil SV)

Here is a preview of all these skins:

Go To Download Site

In order to play on any reBrawl server, you must download the new client apps. You can find all the information in this topic.
As this release is about to go live, we updated our roadmap. You can see it all here : reBrawl development Roadmap.

Have Fun!

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