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Idea of new rebrawler

Hello guys! I'm Dafther and I've create a new rebrawler!
His name is Bandito (The rebrawler model is from Ricochet) !
He was abandoned by his creator and wants revenge!
He has got 8000 HP and goes Very Fast.
He attacks with magnetic arrows (The arrow model is from Shadow Knight Jessie) who deals 2000 damage.

For his super he uses the help of an abandoned mecha (The helper model is from Robo Spike). He has got 3000 HP and his contact deals 4500 damage.

And he has got a Gadget and a Star Power.

For the Gadget he goes 70% more fast during 5 sec. He can use it 4 times.

And for the Star Power when he uses his super, he got a 20% shield.
I hope you will love the brawler and I hope he goes in the game!

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