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Content update #58: Gadgets for the Community

Hello dear reBrawl members,

Our fifty-eighth content update is about to be released:

Starting 03/04/2020, every item which was Coming Soon in the Roadmap will be deployed on reBrawl:

Hidden community maps

Two new custom community maps are now available on reBrawl. reBrawl community maps are exclusive, you won't find them on the regular Brawl Stars game. Congratulations to Krimsonite and Yaseen!

New training map

This week the training grounds get updated with a brand new map designed by PhoenixFire. It should be less laggy than the previous one. Please tell us if you like it!

Community Brawlers Gadgets

New on reBrawl Mods, every community brawler now has a dedicated gadget to use. Thanks to Athemm for the gadgets design. Here is the list:

  • Beatbox Brock - Free Rockets
  • Channon - Going Mad
  • Raven - Zap!
  • Jester - Trickster Totem
  • Bruce - Escape Reflex
  • Sparky - Little Clone
  • Pain Bringer - BOOM!
  • Hex - Enhanced Vision
  • Lex - Hi Everyone!
  • Santa - Your Gift
  • Electro - Still Alive
  • Mr Mortar - Nevermind, bye!
  • Blaze - Smoking Hot
  • Claptrap - Danger Mode Engaged!


  • Loading screen transparency fixed (thanks to Icarø_GAM3R™)
  • Gadgets are properly swapped when selecting a new brawler in a friendly match lobby (Star Powers too but you can still use the Star Power trick)

In order to play on any reBrawl server, you must download the new client apps. You can find all the information in this topic.
As this release is about to go live, we updated our roadmap. You can see it all here : reBrawl development Roadmap.

Have Fun!

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