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Problem with Rebrawl

Hello, I made this post to tell my mistake about Rebrawl. All the information that is needed is there.
 1. Which download link you used?
2. What device model are you using? T1-701u
3. What android version you are using? 4.4.2
4. How much free space (storage) you have on device? 740 MB
5. What happens when you start the game? Training like in a regular game, battle with bots, and the ordinary game itself
Tell me what to do, please. Thank you in advance :). Bye.


  • You can download the latest reBrawl version here:

  • Problem is not done.

  • Sorry MrBat, what seems to be de problem?

  • When I enter the game, of course I have changed the boot menu, but when the menu goes through, I get training, as in the original game (Brawl Stars). I go through training, make a nickname, and go through a battle with bots to open the game completely, I go through training, and I am met by the usual menu, ordinary fighters, and the game itself is like the original (Brawl Stars). Can you tell me what to do, please?

  • i wait

  • edited May 2020

    Change your name in game can produce changes:

    • If you rename yourself into -max you'll get all the brawlers at max level.
    • If you rename yourself into -reset it will clear all the brawlers.
      Don't forget to restart the game to see the changes.
      If you are lost, please check this video to see how to proceed.

  • My name change is available from level 5

  • Your Android version (4.4) is sadly not supported by reBrawl

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